Income Tax Assistance

Income Tax Assistance

A group of local Chartered Accountants will be assisting in the preparation of tax returns at no cost for those who meet eligibility requirements, cannot afford to have it done, and are unable to do so independently.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Gross household income must be less than $30,000 for those without dependents, and less than $40,000 for those with dependents

  • Must not be self-employed or have business/rental income

  • Must not have been self-employed
  • Interest income must be less than $1000

    (additional requirements may apply)


Documents Required (if applicable)

  • Last year's completed tax return and your Notice of Assessment
  • SIN Number
  • Receipts of Income: Salary, wages, interest income, pension, annuity income, registered retirement income, Canada savings bonds, old age security, social assistance payments, worker's compensation, EI
  • All receipts for expenses: child care expenses, medical, charitable, property taxes or rent, union dues, tuition fees, political donations.



  • You are responsible for mailing your own completed tax return and keeping a copy for your files.
  • The volunteer does not retain any of your information and will not be able to access any of the information if questions arise in the future.
  • If it is found that your household gross income is above our income guidelines your return will NOT be completed.
  • Authorization form must be completed so we cannot do anyone else’s return


Clients will be seen on a first come first serve basis.
For more information please contact us in Windsor or Belle River