Who We Are

At the Unemployed Help Centre (UHC), we know from experience that unemployment or underemployment affects many parts of a family’s life and ability to thrive in the community, but we can help with that.

UHC can help with your grocery budget, heating bills, personal tax returns, and overall confidence while you seek out your next employer or adjust to your new home. We can give you a chance to focus on the future without losing out on your present!


Over 57,000

visitors received a 3-day supply of nutritious food in UHC's Food Bank named Unifor Local 200 People's Choice Pantry

Over 100

families reaped the benefits of harvesting their own produce in UHC's Community Garden named Shirley and Ray Gould's Community Garden

Over 150

credits were earned by at-risk students in UHC's Community Kitchen named Caesars Windsor Cares Community Kitchen

Over 1,700

people employed last year!

Statistics based on information gathered in 2017

UHC is a registered nonprofit that was established in 1977. We assist the un/under-employed and disadvantaged in our community during the transition period in the re-employment process.

We are led by a Board of Directors and are funded through federal, provincial, and municipal government grants, the United Way, and our own fundraising efforts.

Our Commitment to You

Who We Help

The UHC is a “Hub of Hope for Everyone!” The UHC is all about inclusion and no person will ever be denied service when they walk through our doors based on race, ethnicity, sex, disability, religion, age, language differences, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, marital status, or familial status.


The Unemployed Help Centre assists people from diverse backgrounds to improve the quality of their lives by providing expert guidance with job search skills, literacy and language skills along with support for basic needs such as food and coats to help them secure employment and have a better future.

Core Values and Statements

Each staff member at the Unemployed Help Centre will:

  • Listen to your story with empathy and compassion
  • Appreciate your strengths
  • Respect you and listen without judgment
  • Keep your information confidential
  • Provide you with necessary information in a timely way
  • Act with integrity by doing what we say we will do
  • Provide expert guidance and connect you to the right program in our centre or in the community
  • Inspire hope and help you to reach your goals

Our Responsibilities To You

  • A professional, quality service
  • We will treat you in a courteous, helpful way
  • We will listen and take account of your views
  • We will give you useful, understandable, and accurate advice and information
  • We will treat confidential information appropriately and with respect
  • We will acknowledge all telephone, written, and electronic communications within 2 business days

Your Rights & Responsibilities

  • To have privacy and confidentiality
  • To access our services and information
  • To be treated with courtesy
  • To be honest and ethical in your dealings with us and your fellow participants
  • To provide us with clear and easily understood feedback on issues associated with our services in a reasonable time
  • To advise us of issues as they arise and any changes in your needs


We will provide flexibility in the way we provide service to take into account the special needs of the community. We will be flexible in our office hours to suit local customer requirements, but in most cases we can be contacted from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday (with exceptions on stat holidays).

The Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor's office

Feedback is Always Welcome

If you have feedback about the services that you have received from UHC, we would like to know about it. We welcome your enquiries, suggestions, compliments and complaints on any of our programs and services. To share your thoughts, please contact June Muir, Executive Director or by phone at (519) 944-4900 ext.133.