Community Kitchen

UHC’s Caesars Windsor Cares Community Kitchen

UHC’s Caesars Windsor Cares Community Kitchen is a state-of-the-art kitchen where the community can come together to learn, socialize, and help a fellow neighbour in need. This incredible space is also used to prepare 40,000 meals for the Meals on Wheels Program in partnership with VON! Come on in and get cooking!

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Let’s Make a Meal

Runs every Friday for 4 weeks

This 4-day workshop (1 day per week) provides you with an understanding of food skills education delivered by a Red Seal Chef in our state of the art Community Kitchen. You will learn how to make several dishes (recipe book provided), what to do with leftovers, cook to stay healthy, make food substitutions, and how to make well-balanced meals. In addition, you will learn how to read food labels, how to handle food safely, and learn about a variety of spices while enjoying eating together and making new friends.

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Crock Pot Cooking

Runs every second Monday of the month (except on Holidays)

This 1-day workshop provides you with the knowledge on how to use a crock-pot and cook nutritious meals for $15 or less. You will learn how to shop for nutritious food products and learn how to prepare the meals through the Red Seal Chef’s on-screen and hands on demonstrations. You will learn about safe food handling, proper knife usage, and how to prepare various recipes. You will also have the opportunity to prepare the meals using a crock-pot by assisting the Chef, and are able to enjoy the meals made together while making new friends.

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Looking to Volunteer in the Kitchen?

If you have a gift or passion for cooking, UHC needs your help! You can join our team of volunteers today and help make a difference in our community. Visit our Volunteer page for more information.