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Commis Chef -AD

Date Posted: Jun 4th, 2019

Salary: $19-24 per hour

Location: Oldcastle, ON

Employment Type: Full Time

Transportation: On Bus Route


As a Chef in training, the primary role of the Commis Chef is to assist the Chefs de Partie in preparing food, while building his/her culinary skills and experience.
Ideally, the Commis Chef should learn, on-the-job, how to work in every area of the kitchen, by rotating through all the sections of the kitchen.
This job description applies to the following Commis Chef roles:
• Butcher Commis chef – assists with preparing meats and poultry before they are delivered to their respective cooking stations.
• Fish Commis Chef – assists with fish butchering as well as creating the appropriate sauces
• Fry/Grill Commis Chef – assists with the preparation of fried foods and grilled foods
• Roast/Saute Commis Chef – assists with the preparation of roasted meats and the appropriate sauces/gravies, and for the preparation of sauted foods
• Pizza Commis Chef – assists with the preparation of all baked goods, wood burning pizza and king size pizzas
• Pantry/Vegetable Commis Chef – assists with the preparation of cold dishes, such as salads and appetizers, and for the preparation of vegetables, soups, starches and eggs
• Roundsman Chef - fills in, as needed, on all of the stations


  • Experience:Over 6 months of relevant kitchen experience
  • Problem Solving/Judgment:The position follows recognized standard methods/approaches and works within established precedents. Specific policies/procedures and/or directives are available and are to be followed. Problems are handled pursuant to available documented procedures/sequences. Complex or unclear matters are referred to higher authority.
  • Communication:Information must be acquired from others in order to effectively perform the job. Communication may be in the written or verbal form. Contacts may include direct report staff, coworkers, supervisor(s) and individuals external to the organization.
  • Mental Effort:The work performed requires a moderate amount of attention. However, the Commis Chef is a trainee position which requires the ability to learn quickly, as well as the ability to work with a team under the pressure of a high volume kitchen. Demands of the job involve consistent concentration but the work is fairly repetitive and intensity therefore is low.
  • Physical Effort:Moderate levels of physical effort will occur on a frequent or constant basis. Some examples of physical activity in this position include extended periods of standing, walking, bending, lifting, chopping, twisting and pushing.

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