Getting Ready to Work

With the help of UHC, you can be on the path to finding not just your new job, but your new career. Whether through a job placement or an apprenticeship program, you can finally find the job that’s right for you!


One-on-one Assistance
Offered year-round during our business hours

One-on-one Assistance One-on-one Assistance

If you find yourself overwhelmed, UHC is always here to help. Our team of counsellors can get you registered for any of our programs or even guide you to the programs and services that will best support you.

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Job Trials & Short-Term Work Experiences
Offered year-round

Job Trials & Short-Term Work Experiences Job Trials & Short-Term Work Experiences

What if you could test a job out first, to see if it’s right for you? UHC can arrange job trials for participants and for employers to evaluate each other, with little risk for either party. Short-term work experiences like job shadowing, information interviews, or group networking sessions can also be setup.

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On the Job Mentoring & Coaching
Offered year-round

On the Job Mentoring & Coaching On the Job Mentoring & Coaching

If you are starting a new job placement, a UHC Job Coach can work with you and your employer to help ensure that you receive the support and training that you need to succeed. This can include things like: workplace accommodation for persons with disabilities or helping you better understand your employer’s expectations or workplace standards.

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Cooks Pre-Apprenticeship Program
Offered 3 times a year for 21 weeks

Cooks Pre-Apprenticeship Program Cooks Pre-Apprenticeship Program

This program is designed to help anyone who is interested in being a cook in a professional setting. You will spend 9 weeks focusing on industrial kitchen terminology and practical skills training followed by a 12-week industry-specific paid work placement to give you the experience you need.

  • This course is for those who are 16 years or older

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