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UHC- Hub of Opportunities, formally known as the Unemployed Help Centre, will be hosting an announcement Monday, June 28 where ONRx will announce the implementation of a telemedicine platform that will help those who are underserviced in the Windsor-Essex region.

“Many newcomers and Canadian residents struggle to find physicians, often experiencing longer wait times to access care through health care providers, finding themselves struggling due to language barriers and transportation concerns. The longer an individual may wait for adequate care, the more expensive it will be,” explains Windsor-Essex family physician Dr. Vikesh Maraj.

The ONRx platform will work as a database individuals can access, that serves those who don’t have a designated physician. Individuals will be able to access an online walk-in clinic, book an appointment, and request a doctor of their choosing.

This will help individuals alleviate the stress of finding transportation and will allow family and caretakers to sit in on appointments with them, from numerous locations around the world, eradicating the language barrier that many have experienced.

“The advanced feature of the platform reduces several barriers to accessing care. We want to ensure that the underserviced individuals are not at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing sufficient care,” says Maraj.

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the Honourable Marco Mendicino will be on-site at UHC for this celebration. UHC offers a wide variety of programs and services, many of which are geared to new Canadians. This new platform will help those who attend the centre for programming and services to access appropriate healthcare in a seamless manner.

“Having the opportunity to refer our clients to the ONRx database will help ensure their success here at UHC,” says June Muir, UHC’s chief executive officer.