Customer Service Charter

Our Service Goal

Who are we?

The UHC is a non-profit registered charity that was established in 1977. We continue to assist the un/under-employed and disadvantaged in our community in the transition period in the re-employment process in Windsor and Essex County.

What we do?

The UHC provides employment strategies and counseling techniques to assist our clients with: vocational/assessment services, individual and group employment counseling, creative job search skills, job club, employment preparation programs/services, job development placement support, literacy instruction, computer training, labour market information and trends, community resources via Resource Centre, and emergency food assistance, etc.

Our customers - Who are they?

Our customers are both the employers and participants that participate in Employment Ontario Services Program:

1. Employers
Our employers must be registered businesses in the Province of Ontario. They must also meet all of the eligibility criteria and responsibilities set in the Employment Ontario Subsidized Placement Agreement.

2. Participants
Our participants must meet the eligibility requirements for JMPI (Job Matching, Placement & Incentives)

They must be:

  • At least 16 years of age and eligible to work in Canada.

  • Out of school (not registered to return to school), out of training, and out of work.
    Note: Individuals registered in literacy/numeracy training, ESL or ALF courses, or part time adult education during this time remain eligible;

Our responsibilities to you:

What standard of service can you expect? You can expect professional, quality service, which is delivered in a prompt and responsive manner. Our commitment to you is to provide you with:

A professional, quality service

  • We will treat you in a courteous, helpful way.

  • We will listen and take account of your views.

  • We will give you useful, understandable and accurate advice and information.

  • We will treat confidential information appropriately and with respect.

A responsive service

We will acknowledge all telephone, written and electronic communications, including complaints about UHC’s service, within 2 business days. The UHC provides an environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender, ethnic background, and religion. All program students will refrain from racism or discrimination in comments or action and treat others with dignity and respect.


We will provide flexibility in the way we provide service to take into account the special needs of the community. We will be flexible in our office hours to suit local customer requirements, but in most cases we can be contacted from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Your rights and responsibilities

  • to lodge complaints

  • to privacy and confidentiality

  • to access our services and information

  • to expect the standards outlined in this Service Charter

We can expect from you

  • to be treated with courtesy

  • to be honest and ethical in your dealings with us

  • to provide us with clear and easily understood feedback on issues associated with our services in reasonable time

  • to help us improve this Service Charter

  • to advise us of issues as they arise and any changes in your needs

  • If you have a complaint about the services that you have received from the UHC, we would like to know about it. Every employer is asked a series of questions upon the completion of a placement.

An additional random employer survey is completed as well to ensure the following:

  • Staff sent applicants who were suitable for the job.

  • Staff gave me an accurate description of the applicant's strengths and needs.

  • Would you recommend this service to another employer?

  • Taking everything into account, how satisfied are you with the service you received.

  • Please tell me one thing you most liked about the centre.

  • Please tell me one thing that you would recommend to improve the service.

We view effective resolution of complaints as a very important part of our commitment to ongoing customer care. We believe that the most effective and quickest way to resolve a complaint and achieve customer satisfaction is to deal with the issue at the point where the service was provided, and so we recommend that you first contact our staff.

If you are not satisfied with the staff response, you may contact the Director of Human Resources. Your enquiry will always be responded to within 2 business days.

How to get in contact with us

The UHC welcomes your enquiries, as well as suggestions, compliments and complaints on our products and services.

Contact: Chief Executive Officer: June Muir (519) 944-4900 Extension 133

Ongoing evaluation of our performance

The UHC is dedicated and committed about achieving the goals we have set in this Charter. We welcome your comments on how successful we are in achieving the standards set out. We will: Evaluate our services against the standards we have set in this Charter, to see if we are meeting those standards, and informally review the standards set out in this Charter on an ongoing basis.


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