Closure Services

This program was developed exclusively to meet the immediate needs of workers who lose their jobs due to plant closures or downsizing. Their unexpected detachment from the labour force has left them unprepared to compete in today’s recessive labour market. As these employees were long term workers, they will lack current labour market information, and will need to update and diversify their job search skills. Recognizing their special needs, an accredited group instructor provides guidance on a wide range of job search techniques. Counsellor’s are also available when individuals require further support, individual vocational planning and assistance in resolving other issues associated with work transition.

The experienced worker with transferable skills can be quickly and effectively channeled through the program to achieve a successful outcome, in the shortest possible time period between jobs. Instructors provide knowledge on projected expansion and proposed development within the community and business sectors, as well as information on available training and re-training programs. Emphasis is placed on clients generating and maintaining their own network systems. In addition, continued follow-up services are maintained to ensure successful outcomes.

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