Whether you are in between jobs or just browsing around for a new opportunity, UHC’s employment programs and services can help you turn your next job into a career! Don’t forget: if you need help with transportation, our UHC Shuttle Service can help!


One-on-one Assistance
Offered year-round during our business hours

One-on-one Assistance One-on-one Assistance

If you find yourself overwhelmed, UHC is always here to help. Our team of counsellors can get you registered for any of our programs or guide you to the programs and services that will best support you.

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Walk-in Resource & Information Centre
Offered year-round during our business hours

Walk-in Resource & Information Centre Walk-in Resource & Information Centre

At the UHC offices, we have built a safe space for all job seekers to use our computers, printers, fax machines and employment resources any time during our business hours. You get the chance to focus on your job search, while knowing our friendly staff members are on-site to help with our questions.

Employment Skills Training
Offered year-round on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Employment Skills Training Employment Skills Training

Let UHC help you with creating your resume and cover letter, practicing mock interviews, and navigating the job search market!

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Free Workshops
Offered year-round; dates and times vary

Free Workshops Free Workshops

Throughout the year, UHC offers a variety of workshops to help get you ready for your new job. The focus of each workshop can range from interview techniques and resume building to help with computer software like MS Word. We also feature guest speakers to help shed more light on the current job market.

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Cooks Pre-Apprenticeship Program
Offered 3 times a year for 21 weeks

Cooks Pre-Apprenticeship Program Cooks Pre-Apprenticeship Program

This program is designed to help anyone who is interested in being a cook in a professional setting. You will spend 9 weeks focusing on industrial kitchen terminology and practical skills training followed by a 12-week industry-specific paid work placement to give you the experience you need.

● This course is for those who are 16 years or older

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Second Career
Offered year-round

Second Career Second Career

If you have found yourself facing a layoff, UHC can help to retrain for a new career, whether or not you are eligible for Employment Insurance. We can help you gain new skills and training to set you up on a career path of your choosing.

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Offered year-round

Voicemail Voicemail

Don’t miss opportunities with potential employers because you don’t have a working phone service! Let one of our counsellors set you up a private voicemail so you can stay connected and secure your new job!

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Hospitality Career Catalyst

This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure employment in the Hospitality and Tourism sector (attractions, recreational events, food services, transportation, etc.).  You will spend 6 weeks learning industry-specific terminology which will include completing five certifications in Service Excellence, Smart Serve, WHIMS, emerit Workplace Essentials, and National Food Safety along with a paid job placement and coaching to ensure you retain the job.


This course is for those age 18 and over

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